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The story goes that Edward died from a red hot poker being shoved up his ass; this cannot be confirmed (but the rumor gives further circumstantial support to the theory that he was gay, and considered so by his contemporaries). 5. Top Main Page The Mystery of Edward II's Death | The History Vault So on the one hand, we have every fourteenth-century chronicler stating that Edward II died at Berkeley Castle in September 1327, even if the wide variation in the causes of death they give indicates that few or any of them really knew what had happened, and the parliament of November 1330 presided over by Edward III himself stating that his father had been murdered. FACT CHECK: Curling Iron Revenge - sticks the curling iron up his bum, turns it on, and leaves. ... II of England went to his Maker with a red-hot poker crammed in the same spot. Depending on who you heard it from, either his wife ...

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Hot Poker - a red hot poker is inserted up the executee's anus until s/he dies of haemorraghing or pain. King Edward II was supposedly executed this way in 1327. Some historians claim he was executed this way because he was homosexual.

Mar 05, 2015 · The Death of Edward II – natural causes, suffocation or a red-hot poker up the bum? March 5, 2015 March 6, 2015 C.R. Berry. Edward II – an ill-fated king. The death of King Edward II during his imprisonment at Berkeley Castle in 1327 is shrouded in mystery. Nobody knows for certain whether he died of natural causes, was murdered on the

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Was a King of England or Scotland murdered by red hot ... English King Edward II was murdered in his prison at Berkeley Castle on September 21 1327. He was either smothered or, according to the more colourful version, killed by having a red-hot poker thrust into his rectum. Death by a red hot poker up the arse?King Edward II ... Historian Ian Mortlmer has raised compelling evidence, in his book The Perfect King The Life of Edward III, that Ed.III's father, Ed.II was not murdered, by various different rumours, one being that the "gay"king(see Hugh Despenser) had a red hot poker or a copper rod shoved into his fundament in sept.1327 at Berkeley, by instigator Roger ... Top 10 Bizarre Deaths of the Middle Ages - Listverse