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One final note on the list below of weapons and armors, they are not weapons/ armors that I recommend making, but rather a list of weapons and armors that have cool names.Tetra Armguard: No abilitys - Have a four sloted armor with all empty slots to achieve desired name.

FINAL Armors with 4 empty slots - Final Fantasy X Forum - Neoseeker Forums Images for four slot gear ffx Empty four slot armor ffx. Measure 127.5cm down the cable. To get Wantz to show up in Macalania you MUST talk to him in mount gagazet on your first trip through. Ultimate Armour - FINAL FANTASY X HD - PSNProfiles Hey there, Iam training hard right now to fight the Monster Arena and Dark Aeons. But what is the best Armour? I killed Dark Valefor and got a BHPL + Ribbon armour from it, with 2 empty slots. Equipment Customization - Final Fantasy X Wiki Guide - IGN Final Fantasy X Wiki Guide ... but if you can spare a slot each on your weapon and armor, it can heal more damage per turn than [Auto Regen]. ... you can buy empty 4-slotted weapons and armor from ... Ffx Save Slots -

Unlike command abilities, auto-abilities in Final Fantasy X automatically take effect and can be assigned to weapons and armor, similar to support abilities in previous games.

ffx armor with 4 empty slots ffx armor with 4 ... 2006 Neoseeker Forums Final Fantasy Community PS2 Games RPG/Adventure Final Fantasy X Armors with 4 empty slots. ... Equipment Customization - Final Fantasy X Wiki Guide - IGN

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The Guardian Bangle is a recurring armor or accessory in the Final Fantasy series. It usually raises Defense. The Guardian Bangle is exclusive to Lulu. It is a two-slot armor with no abilities, making it ideal for customization.

final fantasy x armor 4 empty slots Everquest Quest Information for Tenishs Plate Armor (Part 1)A shop in Final Fantasy X.. Shops (ショップ, Shoppu?) are a recurring feature in the Final Fantasy series.Appearing in every game, they provide the player with areas where items, weapons, armor and magic can be bought and sold for gil.When ...

I need 3 empty slots so that I can put Triple Overdrive Triple AP and ... where one slot is used(possibly to for piercing weapons) and 4 slot armor ... Perfect Sphere Master Trophy - Final Fantasy X HD (PS3, PS4 & Vita ... I still have the save where I completed the sphere grid for all the characters, with all the blank nodes filled up and all the +1, +2 and +3 nodes replaced by +4 ... Final Fantasy X / YMMV - TV Tropes To put it in perspective, you just got done fighting a four-part Sequential Boss ... has an armor piece for Yuna that absorbs three elements, and an empty slot to .... Now we got the audio drama Final Fantasy X -Will- to further fracture everything. Final Fantasy X Walkthrough: Mt. Gagazet - A walkthrough of the Mt. Gagazet - A section of the Final Fantasy X ... Wantz' second shop includes the 4 empty slot weapons and armor such as Tetra Shield,  ...

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