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Bally Twilight Zone. Introduction. Original 5/11/2013. Updated 5/15/2013. It was time to change up my pinball collection and I had decided that Star Trek the Next Generation would be the machine to go.

Twilight Zone Slot Machine Scoop and Gumball Hole Edge & Mini Playfield Edge Protectors (click thumbnails for bigger pics). The slot machine scoop protector ... Issue with slot machine kickout on Twilight Zone. [Archive] - KLOV ... Usually happens if you miss the skill shot or anytime the balls kicked out of the slot machine scoop. Doesn't happen every time, but a good ... Game Repairs - Flynn's Retrocade

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Twilight Zone Pinball: Slot Machine... |… Products » Twilight Zone. Slot Machine Kickout Light. "An opportunity awaits in the form of..." Another great addition to the Twilight Zone Pinball machine playfield. This interactive mod will light up your Slot Machine Kickout Hole with a green or blue glow when the Slot Machine is active.

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LIVE PLAY on OLD The Twilight Zone Slot Machine with Bonus - Part ...

The Twilight Zone: “The Fever”/“The Last Flight”

Buy the Twilight ZoneSlot Machine Scoop at Mantis Pinball Mantis Pinball carries Twilight Zone – Slot Machine Scoops and parts for all your favorite Williams, Bally, Stern, and Data East games. Action Pinball - A-16434 - Twilight Zone (Bally) Slot Machine Scoop ...